Monday, August 3, 2015

How I keep my sanity with food

Routine is key (for me, at least).  I’m a type A, super routine focused.  Food has not always been my friend, but in order to stay true to who I am, and keep my sanity, I food prep.  Sundays are my day!  I cut up my veggies, wash my fruits, grill my meats, and package what I need for the week.  It doesn’t always go smooth, but what I have learned is having my food prepped and ready to go for the week, keeps my routine, AND keeps my entire family on track.

Some tips to help start food prepping:

    Pick a day that you know you can take a couple hours to prep your food choices for the week.

2.       Make sure you have all your containers washed, and/or enough Ziploc bags ready to go.  Doing dishes or running to the store really blows when you’re in your groove of prepping.

3.       Let your kids help!  My kids love to wash the fruits, and peel veggies, like carrots.

4.       If you are working with portion control, measure once, then mark your containers for the appropriate cup size (I use the 21 day fix portion containers, but you can do it yourself too).  For example, 1 cup of pasta.  You can mark a container that you will re-use each week with a sharpie, writing 1 cup pasta on the side.  This eliminates measuring everything, every week. 

5.       Start small, if all you get done the first week is your meats grilled or cooked, then that’s all you get done.  Don’t stress if all your food isn’t prepped.  In time you’ll get down your routine!

Have a healthy week!