Monday, June 29, 2015

Food peer pressure

Donuts, birthday cake, baby showers, food....just because.  Is your work place crawling with food peer pressure?

The work place can be a nutritional pitfall for most.  There is always some event, or some kind of "treat" waiting in the break room.  The more you say no, the more pressure gets put on you.  I have had clients tell me they just can't say no.  My advice, say no kindly, then explain your goals.  You just might encourage your co-workers to join you on a healthy journey!

Why I ditched my Garmin305 for my runs…..

I have ran with a Garmin305 for ages!  Always my little faithful.  Friday, I got a Garmin 620.  I wasn’t sold right away.  I waited and waited to make this decision.  Took it out for a spin on Saturday morning.  

Here were my initial thoughts (you know I read the quick start and not the entire guide before using). 
  • It’s lightweight… VERY lightweight
  • It has a touchscreen….little things excite me people!
  • Additional heart rate monitor strap gives amazing detail regarding your torso movement, and overall run.
  • So far, very user friendly
  • It vibrates when I reach mile markers, letting me know when I crossed the 1 mile, 2 mile threshold.

Items I had to actually read the guide to discover: 
  • How to retrieve saved runs (I like to compare runs/performance)
  • How to connect to wifi
  • How to use Garmin connect (THIS is a super cool feature!)

All in all, super pleased with another Garmin product!  Got questions?  Hit me up!  Love to hear from you :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Schools out for SUMMER!

Schools out….what now?

You have your routine, you know when you’re going to exercise, what you’ll eat, and then BAM everything is turned upside down.  Your kids just finished school.  This is a glorious time for you and your kids, but now you have to adjust your  fitness schedule.
I am sitting here typing this, looking out my front window yearning to go for a run.  In reality, I know, that it's just not gonna happen this morning.  For me, my kids are too old to strap in a running stroller, but not old enough to run along, or even bike along.    

The change in schedule can derail a routine of good eating habits, and maintaining fitness goals.  The best thing for a person to do, is be prepared.  Set up your plan before your kids end school.  Here are a few tips to help beat the summer slump.
  1.  Look into a short term gym membership, if you don’t already have one.  It will get you out of the house, and give your kids an outlet as well. 
  2. Find an accountability partner right away!  Even if you don’t physically meet, you can text each other when you complete your workout.  
  3. If you do fitness at home, set a time every day that you will do your workout.  Your kids can join you!
  4. Plan your meals so you don’t succumb to eating junk food on a whim. 
  5.  Look for a local farmers market, and let your kids pick their favorite fruits and/or veggies.  Clean the food as soon as you get home, place in easy reach, and they will eat them.

It’s hard when all of a sudden your kids demand your time, and you’re exhausted.  Take care of “you,” your kids will adjust to your schedule.