A mother of three boys (I need to be in shape, right?). Some days I feel like all I do is chauffeur them around. Trying to make sure they stay active and eat the right things leaves me little time to take care of myself. As a child I was always active, but not exactly athletic. I was on the swim team, tried dance and track, but never really stuck with anything. I started running, leisurely when I was a freshman in high school. I would run only a couple miles to my grandmother’s house, mainly to check on her, but also as a stopping point for a water break. Little did I know that running would soon foster into a deeper passion. It became my escape from reality, my outlet in tough times. Running would be my savior! 
As a young college student, like countless other students, gained the normal 15-20 pounds. That was the beginning of my journey it was as if a bomb exploded in my head. I no longer looked at weight and food the same way. This was a pivotal point in my life. One that would take many twists and turns, eventually leading to the woman I am today. 
Fast forward to my first pregnancy. That was when I discovered group fitness and teaching. I started in Myrtle Beach, SC at Gold’s gym. A gym that took me in as family! My love for teaching grew and so did my certifications. I am addicted to always learning more and perfecting my skill….oh, and running shoes and coffee, but that’s a different blog ? 
Three pregnancies later I’m stronger than I have ever been and excited for this next phase in my life! I hope you join me in this quest to strengthen, not only our bodies, but our minds! 

To our health,

Lori Streitmatter

Here is a list of health and fitness certifications I have attained over the last 14 years:
(click on the individual links to learn more about each certification)

NASM youth exercise specialist

AFAA Group Fitness




Les Mills


Yoga Fit

Running Coach

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