Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July Workout

Happy Fourth ya’ll!  Want to get a quick workout in before you head out for your 4th festivities? 

It’s raining here in Memphis, so the kids and I are just sitting around goofing around.  We came up with this short, but fun workout.  See if you can find the pattern in the workout numbers J
7 Pushups

4 sets of Plank partner slaps (if you don’t have a partner, just tap hand forward, both hand taps = 1 set)

20 Crunches

15 Sumo squats

7 Burpees: jump optional

4 Squats with front kick (both legs = 1 move)

20 back ward lunges, you guessed it, you got 2 legs, so count both legs as 1 move.

15 Floor dips (Tricep dips)

Repeat 5 times, or more!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Fourth of July!!!!

***Did you figure out the pattern?*** 

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