Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fighting for Air…..

Outdoor fitness is home to many fitness enthusiasts, however, if you suffer with asthma it can have disastrous outcomes.  I don’t have exercise induced asthma, but sometimes I find out the hard way why I should always run with my inhaler. 
Some of my triggers include grass and smoke.  Recently a house, near our neighborhood, was hit by lightning.  It burned for a while, filling the sky with smoke.  I understood how that would affect my asthma, and made sure I took my meds that day.  The next day, I went for a run.  I passed the house that was on fire the day before.  What I didn’t realize was the lingering effect of the smoke.  Thank goodness my asthma isn’t bad, but definitely hampered my run that day.  Always remember your triggers could pop up anytime during an outdoor workout.  Be preventative, be prepared!

*TIP: most running shorts, and pants now have a back zipper, located on the waist band.  It’s meant for keys and identification cards, however, an inhaler will fit in that back pocket.  Lululemon and Athleta, both have this zipper on the back of their running shorts.

Ways to find out more on asthma:

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