Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Graston Technique for Injuries

This is a therapy technique I recently received.  It is a technique that your provider must be certified in to administer.  The physical therapist I went to was one of few in my area, so it may be difficult to locate someone, BUT if you do I highly recommend it. 

Hurts like a $&%#^#* but the improvement that occurs, over a short amount of time, is what intrigued me.  It gets deep into the fibrous tissue of an injury, and breaks up any restrictions.  With this technique you can experience bruising and soreness afterwards.  I, fortunately, did not experience bruising, and my soreness was very minimal. 

The best part, I kept running during my entire treatment period.  Something I have never been able to do.  Granted, my miles were low and slow, but I was moving!  What I was trying to avoid was the typical treatment of 6-8 weeks no running, take this anti-inflammatory, and take this steroid.  Graston technique is a great option for any athlete looking to get back to what they love sooner than later!
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